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Using the highest quality products we apply epoxy in solid colors, with flakes or quartz.
We can transform your garage floor so that it looks radiant and modern.

Epoxy Finish

There are different types of finishes and colors, you decide what you want and we will make it happen.

Solid Color

With this choice we will apply the solid color of your choice.


With this choice we will apply the base color and then the multicolored flakes.


With this choice we will apply the base color and then the textured shiny sand.

We can help you with epoxy floors in Port St Lucie, Stuart, Okeechobee, West Palm Beach, Wellington, Jupiter, Ft Pierce, Vero Beach and more!

We take care of the epoxy application on the floors you want to up grade. The epoxy coating can be applied indoors and outdoors, it is very resistant, improves the image of the space where it is applied, and offers durability. The epoxy application is a great choice to refresh and upgrade your garage floor. We offer epoxy floor services in different counties like Brevard County, Indian River County, Okeechobee County, St. Lucie County, Martin County, Palm Beach County, and more!

We are a family and operated bussines,

we care any detail using the right tools and the best products.


We offer a 5 years warranty.


Once we start a project we don’t stop until we finish to provide you with the perfect result, on time always.

epoxy floor


We use Sherwin Williams products to get the best result with reasonable prices.


We always make sure that the epoxy application is safe and pet friendly.

Epoxy application process.

We follow the manufacturer’s directions step by step

#1 Floor Grinding.

We use a rotating disc to grind down the surface of the concrete, leaving it smooth and even, ready to work on it.

#2 Cracks patching and holes filling.

We apply an elastomeric product to seal cracks and holes and leave the surface even.

#3 Cleaning and prep.

We use scrapers, blowers, plastic, tape, and different tools and supplies to prep the area.

base color
#4 Base color application.

We apply the color of your choice; this product is the base of the project because is an epoxy product that works like primer and provides the pigmentation.

#5 Flakes or Quartz application.

Upon customer request we apply the flakes or quartz provide the glitter or texture that you are going to enjoy.

clear coat
#6 Clear coat application.

This is the final step that provides the protection and shine on the surface, we apply a thick coat of clear sealer to make sure the color durability.

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The epoxy coating application is something that we love to do, our crew is prepared to provide you the best results and customer service in the market. Our experience is founded in hard work and compromise, we are going make you happy!

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